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The Caribbean’s premier Osteopathic & Functional Diagnostic Medical Clinic.

With over 20 years of clinical experience and patients from all over the world, the Maas Clinic has become a pioneer in empowering our patients to achieve optimum health and rejuvenation.

To help you achieve your perfect health, we recommend the products available at our online store, which perfectly complement one’s healthy lifestyle.
  • Maas Clinic Success Stories

    Maas Clinic Success

    Laurens helped me win World Surf title

    Feb 15, 2012 by Kelly Slater

    I worked with Laurens quickly and extensively in February 2005 at his clinic in Barbados.

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  • How to Achieve Perfect Health

    In order to be healthy, follow the simple, yet successful, Five Laws of Perfect Health:
    1. Low Gi Carbs (go anti fungal)
    2. Eat correct proteins for your blood type
    3. Eat fats according to your metabolism
    4. Mineral balance through vegetables and vitamins (pH)
    5. Electrically balancing the nervous system
    For a greater and more in-depth understanding you can buy the book, The Hidden Cure, from here
  • Laurens Maas Talks Health!

    Laurens Maas talks live to Barbados on local radio Mix 96.9FM.
    Covering all aspects of health, he freely educates and explains how we can all achieve perfect health through balancing the five laws. Listen to the latest show here!
  • Diabetes and You
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