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Kudos to the Maas Clinic Team.

Feb 09, 2012 by Lynn Daniel

I have always been skeptical about alternative medicine. It had never crossed my mind to try it. Fortunately for me, my boss and his wife believe in its healing powers. After complaining for months about a pain in my left leg, my boss finally convinced me to go for a consultation with Laurens. I was really nervous but I went in faith. We did the initial consultation and tests and when I received my results I found them somewhat alarming.

I started my program straight away with some trepidation due to the big dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments. It was all well worth it. After the first four weeks I saw results in weight loss, and better control of my blood pressure. This program also tested my skills as a chef and I spent more time challenging myself to create recipes. My friends and family have really seen the change. Even though the weight loss was quite rapid, 34 pounds in 3 months, the lifestyle change was worth it.

The pain in my left leg is scarcely there now, my pressure is better controlled and my cycle is even more regular. I feel great, energetic and full of life. I can work for hours on end and I do not feel as tired at the end of the day. I now have a personal trainer to tone up my body and keep the figure going. I have now recommended the Maas Clinic to several of my friends and hopefully they would be willing to make the investment as I have so that they can also enjoy the amazing benefits that come with being healthier.

Kudos to the Maas Clinic Team.

No longer exhausted!

Feb 09, 2012 by Linda Rice

As one can imagine, I started the program with plenty of complications, I was feeling tired, exhausted etc. I started with the weight of 163lbs and within 3 months of this well maintained diet I lost a great deal of weight. I am and have maintained the weight of 133lbs for well over a year now, oh and not to mention I am no longer exhausted! As one can imagine, I have to say all my thanks to Maas Clinic!

no longer health ignorant :)

Feb 09, 2012 by Jennifer Pollard

I lost over 42lbs on the program and have maintained that healthy weight ever since!

I would just say that I learned about Laurens through his appearance on the TV show Good Morning Barbados. What had originally made me concerned about being proactive with my health was the fact that two large fibroids were detected in the early stages of last year for which I ended up having surgery in April of the same year.

I felt no true sense of having any control of what was taking place in my body and so coming to the Maas Clinic was for me, a step in the right direction towards being proactive about my health. There’s a lot that was discovered that was happening within me and a lot that I learned about pathological processes within the body. A by-product of following the treatment plan that was given after assessment, was weight loss where I moved from size 14/16 down to 9/10 (which was really my original size up to late 2005). I still have some issues to be addressed – like getting my thyroid to functioning at the desired level but it’s a work in progress. I am glad to no longer be operating in ignorance where my health is concerned. That’s very important to me.

Cholesterol Success!

Feb 09, 2012 by C. Sandra Springer

In October 2007, at 58 years old, I returned from a six week trip overseas which I had thoroughly enjoyed – one only needed to look at me know this – but I was overdue fro my annual medical. So, I knew that I needed to lose the weight and also that my cholesterol was elevated.

I met a friend who had lost a lot of weight and was having other health problems diagnosed and treated and he was so happy that he recommended I make a one stop visit to the Maas Clinic.

He made the appointment for me and I went. My first impression was that I was in the right place at the right time. Everything was patiently explained to me and all my many questions were answered. The tests showed that my blood needed ‘cleaning up’ and I needed to go on an anti-fungal program. The most important thing was to bring down my cholesterol immediately as it was very high. My weight was 153 lbs, at my height of 5”1, I knew I was in trouble. The great thing was that once I changed my diet, exercised three times a week and took my vitamins as recommended, the wonderful side effect would be to lose weight. I was thrilled about this, as I would otherwise have been headed for “Lipitor” or some similar drug (my doctor has told me that on my last visit).

I faithfully started on my program in November of that year and enjoyed experimenting with my new food groups – Entering the kitchen was a whole new experience. The biggest challenge was finding a replacement for bread, biscuits, cakes –sweet things – replacing sugar with xylitol. Working with cassava and tapioca flour was fun I just kept experimenting and some with great results others needed more work but I made everything work.

By March 2008, on one of my return visits to the clinic, I had lost 27 lbs and my cholesterol was now a healthy 190 mg/dl. This was such great news. There were also many health benefits and one certainly knew that overall their total health had improved, not to mention my skin.

I received many compliments on my weight loss and was able to wear styles that I loved but had not been able to wear with the extra pounds.

I may stray away sometimes from the diet but I quickly return and therefore manage to keep my weight and cholesterol in the healthy range. What I also accomplished was to recommend the clinic to other family members – my sisters and my brother and their spouses. Having so many family members eating the same way was a great experience. Family lunches and dinner were full of surprises as each member turned up with a surprise dish. We are all very pleased with ourselves.

Here’s wishing Laurens and his competent and friendly team at the Maas Clinic continued success.

Mr Maas changed my life forever

Feb 09, 2012 by Angela Best

I have been a patient of Laurens Maas of the Maas Clinic for many years. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003, the day I first saw him was the changing point in my life.

Mr. Maas immediately recognized what needed to be done and after the initial evaluation of my health, I was put on the anti-fungal detox program that was to change my life for the better.

My initial weight when I became a patient of the clinic was 160 lbs. At 5’6” this was significantly overweight. I had started wearing size 18 jeans and XL shirts and dresses, imagine my distress. I was constantly tired, I would sweat without even standing, this was a horrible feeling. As the weeks progressed during my detox program the weight gradually started to decrease. The first change I noticed was that I no longer felt tired, and I used to feel like that even just after awakening in the morning. Foods and most of all sugar (which I thought I could not do without), I was now able to forego.

Within a month of starting my detox program, the weight was decreasing (roughly 2lbs per week), my skin tone had improved and my general health was on the mend. I completed my detox program in October 2009. I have lost weight (which needed to go but I could not get rid of). My blood pressure which was slowly rising (my family has a history of hypertension) has reverted to a normal reading my cholesterol which was elevated is under control. My weight has leveled at 130lbs and I am once again wearing a size 10 jeans and size medium and in some cases size small shirts or dresses.

Although I no longer need to receive constant care at the Clinic (I had my last official appointment in January 2007), I have continued to eat anti-fungal and have decided that I will continue to do so permanently. This program has given me a new lease on life and I have no desire to revert to the unhealthy way I was feeling.

I say all the time God sent me to Laurens Maas because it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Heartfelt thanks

Feb 09, 2012 by Rohan Lynch

It’s true….. 80% of what we eat contributes toward our lifestyles and weight management.

Feeling unwell, I attended the Maas Clinic and within a five-week period I was able to lose fourteen pounds. This is as a result of a change in diet and the taking of nutritional supplements as recommended. I have been eating healthier ever since, which has taken away two years of terrible joint pains, high blood pressure and other medical problems I had been experiencing before.
Thank to Laurens and his staff my self-esteem has improved tremendously. I look and feel better and am a work in progress. With this transformation my medical doctor has had to decrease my blood pressure medication and is truly impressed with my overall health.

Once again a heartfelt thanks to you guys.

Back to peak of health

Feb 09, 2012 by Marie-Lou Gittens

After a period of unresolved health problems, I finally visited The Maas Clinic. Thanks to Laurens’ care and in-depth tests/analysis, I am now in the peak of health. I was also overweight and although I worked out regularly and thought I was eating all the right foods, I could not lose the extra pounds. Following Laurens’ antifungal diet, four months later I had happily lost the desired 18 pounds. Now I continue my well being by visiting the clinic on a regular basis, adhering to my new healthy lifestyle.

Thank you!

Feb 09, 2012 by Tonia Williams

Over the years, as a patient at the Maas Clinic, I’ve managed to lose 40lbs. While that is an accomplishment in itself, that is not the only benefit. Changing my “diet” to better lifestyle choices was in itself a challenge, as I found I craved a lot in the initial stages, but once your body becomes used to its new eating habits, the benefits can be seen by everyone around you even before you have lost a significant amount of weight. As Laurens would say, “your skin will be glowing, your hair and nails will be growing, you’ll be energized (I was happily bouncing off the walls), etcetera etcetera: But do you know what, he is TOTALLY right !

Thank you for what you do!

Weight Loss Success

Feb 09, 2012 by Karen Walker-Springer

I visited Laurens Maas with my husband on his scheduled visit and decided it was time I got started on the weight loss program. My weight was 283lbs and it is now 258lbs. Thanks to Laurens Maas, I lost a total of 25 pounds in a very short period. Laurens is very patient and he really explains everything to you. Thanks so much to Laurens Maas and his excellent staff for their teamwork in making me a better and healthier person. I continue to lose weight and feel amazing!

Fantastic Treatment

Dec 08, 2011 by John Gates

Laurens was very considerate and listened to my needs. He developed a health plan for me and three months later my allergies are cured! Amazing and I am very grateful to him!

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