The Total Fat Cure

The Total Fat Cure: Solving the fat trap, will guide you through specific techniques to balance your hormones and create the metabolic diet you need to reach and maintain your ideal weight, for life.


Dr. Laurens Maas is a true humanitarian and genuinely concerned with with the human race. this book is a great addition to his other publications, “The Hidden Cure” and his diabetes book. He ties together several studies and diet systems to achieve great health with a client base to show results. I wish I could meet him to say thank you.
Steven G. Greene

Totally makes sense! Genius! I love all his books. He has an amazing understanding of how the human body works. Laurens Maas has been my osteopath for 8 years. I haven’t met anyone else who treats issues from the cause rather than the just symptoms.
Anabella Mian

Book overview

Have you tried a multitude of different diets? Do you train regularly and hard to keep the weight off? Are you feeling burnt out from stress? If so then you could be damaging your hormone balance. Fluctuating hormone levels combined with incorrect nutrition can actually lead to weight gain as well as depleted physical energy and even depression.

When stress overloads our bodies, it causes 8 major hormones to go out of balance, starting with the adrenal hormone Cortisol, which causes blood sugar to rise and and become unbalanced.

The Total Fat Cure will teach you how to test and fix your 8 fat burning hormones. Using natural scientific techniques, supplements, vitamins and lifestyle changes you will learn how to:

  • Balance your 8 fat burning hormones
  • Eat the correct metabolic type diet for you
  • Optimise your nutrition with specific meal times
  • Eat foods that balance blood sugar

“I have used and tested the principles of the Total Fat Cure as a means to ridding my body of 67 pounds of stored fat in 5 months! It really came off quite easily once the natural hormones and diet system clicked in. I am now 215lbs, happy, fit and healthy and I regularly check my hormones to make sure they stay in optimal balance.”
Laurens Maas