Manuela Scalini

Culinary Wellness Consultant | Nutritional Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor

Manuela is a certified plant based chef and educator. She trained at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California in 2010, and was certified as a yoga instructor by Radiantly Alive in Bali. For over 15 years Manuela has been running functional detox programmes, managing a commercial meal plan delivery kitchen, and consulting for five-star resorts, spas, and restaurants across South East Asia, the Caribbean, and Brazil. She is passionate about integrating science-based nutritional advice into practical, everyday culinary practices. Her approach avoids dietary fads, focusing instead on the unique needs of each individual, tailoring meal plans and recipes to support personal health and wellness. Manuela is dedicated to the philosophy of food as medicine, emphasising that real food – local, seasonal, and minimally processed – should form the cornerstone of our diets, facilitating sustainable health transformations and a profound connection to our natural dietary rhythms.

For more information visit Manuela’s website here.