Allergy treatment starts with comprehensive diagnostic testing. Through this analysis, our specialised team can identify the allergens such as foods, products, or airborne particles that may be negatively affecting your quality of life.

This advanced diagnostic analysis will give us a comprehensive view of your body and how it is functioning. Our tests vary according to your need and range from hair, stool, urine and blood analysis to state of the art bio-resonance scanning.

Providing an accurate evaluation of allergy or sensitivity triggers, the results of this analysis will be used to create the most effective allergy programme for you. This personalised plan will offer you natural remedies and holistic solutions to replace the conventional medication, that may have had a negative effect on your system to date. All remedies will be carefully selected to cleanse and detoxify your body of these allergens and support it moving forward.

Your plan may also include dietary and nutritional suggestions as well as other lifestyle adjustments and you can be assured that our deliciously healthy meal plans are reinforced with all-natural supplements, to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Our allergy treatment programmes are appropriate for all ages of people who:

  • Suffer from asthma
  • Suffer from pet, mould and insect allergies
  • Struggle with hay fever and other atmospheric allergies
  • Suffer from eczema and some forms of acne
  • Need to decide on diet substitutes to combat food allergies

“I had allergies and sneezed in excess of 150 times a day for years! After changing my diet, entering a simple supplement programme and receiving 6 months of cranial osteopathy ALL symptoms left. I feel amazing!”

Anne, UK

Whatever your allergy issue, we can help.