Weight loss, obesity and controlling sugars.

The Maas Clinic can help you achieve a healthy body weight. We have helped clients with a range of nutritional needs, including new mothers interested in losing that ‘extra 5lbs,’ athletes interested in maintaining optimal physique and people who urgently need to shed larger amounts of weight to improve their health.

Successful weight loss usually involves analysing the balance of hormones within the patients. High levels of insulin, cortisol, and oestrogen and low levels of DHEA and testosterone and thyroid or adrenal hormones can all induce significant weight gain.

A 90 day results programme for optimal health.

This programme is not only about food and losing weight, it is also about your lifestyle, how you manage your stress and exercise and how well you manage your sleep.

Motivation is the key to success and as part of this programme. You will rediscover the optimal nutrition your bodies need and the positive changes that take place as a result of eating this way.

Our weight loss programmes begin with a thorough scientific evaluation of your nutritional needs based on your age, gender, current weight and body type, creating specific nutritional programmes, tailor-made for each client. We assess whether you are a Slow Oxidizer, Mixed or Fast Oxidizer of fats and sugars and help you make the correct choices to suit your metabolic system and support it with natural supplements which are available from our online store.

Our weight loss programme is appropriate for:

  • People who are interested in losing a few extra pounds
  • Athletes interested in maintaining optimal physique
  • People who need to lose a significant amount of weight (20-150lbs) to prevent serious medical complications.
  • People who have had serious medical complications and are interested in losing weight to improve their overall health
  • People interested in increasing their mobility and to ease knee pains and lower back pains

“I lost over 42lbs on the programme and have maintained that healthy weight ever since!”


“I lost 72lbs on The Maas Clinic programme – I feel great now, thanks."


If you have a weight loss goal then get in touch, we can help.