Our 30-day Remote Immunity Programme

Boost your immune system naturally from the comfort of your own home!

100% bespoke

100% natural

100% backed by science

Not only does your immune system help you to heal when you become unwell, it can help to prevent you from ever falling ill in the first place. In fact, your immune system is your best defence against any kind of virus or illness.

The great news? You can do SO much to help boost your immune system—100% naturally—from home! You just need to know how to go about it. Better yet, you need to know how to go about it, specifically for you.

With over 27 years of clinical experience, our team here at The Maas Clinic is well-versed in healing and boosting people’s immune systems. In fact, it is standard practice when you’re a client of ours to heal your immune system as a priority.

The only drawback of seeing clients in the clinic is that we can only see a limited number of people per year. And we want to help many many more. That’s where the 30-day Remote Immunity Programme comes in! Via the programme we can bring the expertise of The Maas Clinic to you.

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You deserve the level of expert care we give to every single client in our clinic. Meaning: 1:1 consultations, clinical testing and a bespoke treatment programme tailored especially for you.

We’ve created a 30-day programme which does ALL of that for you, and we’re bringing it to you.

What’s included in the 30-day Remote Immunity Programme?

3 online consultations over a 30 day period with one of our qualified experts. One at the beginning of your journey, one half way through and one to review your progress. These consultations equate to 2 and 1/2 hours with one of our experts!

2 mobile phlebotomist visits to your own home, bringing the “testing” element of the 30-Day Remote Immunity Programme to you. Our trusted partners will visit you at home at the beginning of the 30-day programme, and they’ll repeat the tests at the end of the programme too. This allows us to get super specific about how the programme has uniquely impacted you.

NB: Our phlebotomists follow all government guidelines and safety standards using full PPE to visit your home. Our recommended phlebotomy company will gladly answer any concerns you have directly.

A bespoke 30-day treatment plan, crafted by one of our qualified experts for you, sharing guidance on how to improve your immunity from home, including:

  • supplement guidance*
  • nutrition guidance
  • recipe inspiration
  • lifestyle guidance on sleep and stress management
  • an introduction to essential oils to boost your immunity

*you will receive a bespoke supplement plan. Supplements can be purchased directly from us, and will be shipped out within 24-48hrs. We offer only the highest-grade supplements to ensure optimal results.

PLUS you’ll receive:

  • a tailored biohacking bundle which will allow you to monitor yourself accurately from home
  • a DoTerra oil blend roller for immune support
  • a journal to keep track throughout your experience

Are you ready to take back control of your own immunity?!

Remember: your immune system is your best defence against any kind of virus or illness.

How much does the programme cost?

We have built a remote programme which gives you the tools you need to transform your immune system in just 30 days. Programme cost: £1,285.

Please note that supplements are charged separately. We suggest budgeting for between £50 – £200 for your 30-day programme.

How do I sign up!

Call our clinic team on +44 (0)1730 825 457 or email us on reception@themaasclinic.com to register your interest.

As always we are here to answer any questions you may have so please do get in touch!

Programme etiquette

Once you are signed on to the 30-day Remote Immunity Programme our clinical care team will be on hand to guide you throughout your journey. To ensure a smooth and effective programme please read our etiquette guidelines below.

  • Consent forms must be signed prior to any consultations taking place.
  • If you have a query about your programme please email or call our clinic team. In order to give every client the bespoke care they deserve, we ask that clients limit their emails and calls to 1 – 2 times per week. We encourage emails with multiple questions to be formatted in a bullet point style—this allows us to respond in a timely and accurate manner.
  • If you sign on to any additional programmes with The Maas Clinic (remote or in-clinic), within 90 days of the 30-day Remote Immunity Programme coming to a close, you’ll receive a 5% discount.

FAQs on availability, communication and pricing

Where is the 30-day Remote Immunity Programme available?
Currently our Remote Immunity Programme is available to UK residents only.

How do I sign up?
Call our clinic team on +44 (0)1730 825 457 or email us on reception@themaasclinic.com to register your interest.

How much does the 30-day Remote Immunity Programme cost?
Please note that supplements are charged separately. We suggest budgeting for between £50 – £200 for your 30-day programme.

How do I communicate with my practitioner?
Your initial, midway and final consultation will all be scheduled via Zoom.

How do I schedule my phlebotomist visit?
Our reception team will connect you with our preferred mobile phlebotomy company. You will then coordinate your bookings directly with them.

How far in advance of my initial and final consultation do I need to schedule my phlebotomist visit?
Ideally within 86-hours (4-days) of your scheduled consultation with your practitioner.

Do I get my blood results immediately?
No, your results are released to our team at the clinic and put into our software to create a chart for you to go through with your practitioner during your initial consultation.

Can I keep my blood results?
Yes, it is a great idea to keep you blood results to refer to. You will be doing a comparison between when you started the programme, and when you repeat your bloods, to see how far you’ve come. We encourage all of our clients to keep a “health folder” throughout their lives.

I want to build upon the programme after the 30-days is up, what now?
That’s great news! We’d love to continue guiding you on your health journey. There are a number of great options to choose from. We encourage you to talk to your practitioner who will be able to advise on the best course forward for you.

Are any of your clinic’s programmes covered by medical insurance?
At this time, sadly most medical insurance policies do not recognise Functional and Integrated Medicine. However, we like to remind our clients that perfect health is your best insurance policy!

FAQs on supplements

How do I place my order for supplements?
Your supplements order will be placed following your first consultation through our reception team. Your supplements will then be posted to you within 48 hours. We offer only the highest-grade supplements to ensure optimal results.

How much will my supplements cost?
Since every person is unique, it’s unfortunately not possible for us to estimate the cost of your supplements ahead of your consultation. On average, we suggest budgeting for between £50 – £200 per month.

How do I know which supplements to take and when?
Your practitioner will guide you through your supplementation schedule during your initial consultation.
Top tip! Use your journal for note-taking during your consultations.

How do I use my biohacking tools, including my Vitamin C strips, Zinc tally and Urine pH, that I received in my welcome bundle?
Keep your tools safe and accessible for your initial consultation, your practitioner will tell you why you have them, how to use them and how to read the results.
Top tip! Use your journal to track your results as you progress through the programme.

What if I want extra biohacking tools or supplements during my programme?
You can call our reception team and order any of the suggested support tools and supplements from us at any point. These will then be posted to you within 48-hours.

What do I do if I feel sick when taking my supplements?
If you ever feel sick taking any of our suggested products we ask that you stop all supplementation immediately and reach out to our team who will support you. Please note that if you follow your practitioner guidelines on how and when to take your supplements this is very unlikely to happen.

Can I continue my supplements after the 30-day programme is up?
Yes! We encourage all of our clients to maintain regular supplementation. Please note that your internal needs and demands change over time and therefore your supplementation recommendation is only valid for 3 months. From that point onwards we encourage re-testing to reassess your supplementation needs. If you would like a reminder to check back in with us, please ask our reception team to reach back out to you. They will be glad to assist!

Can I return my supplements if I choose not to take them?
Supplementation is an essential part of the 30-day Remote Immunity Programme; your recommended course of supplements will be based off of your unique blood chemistries and therefore we highly recommend that you follow through with the full remit of suggested supplements to ensure as successful a result as possible.

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to process returns. Please take this into consideration when placing your order and purchase only what you intend to use.