Are you working from home?

Many of us are right now and never has looking after ourselves been more important. Here are a few ways you can prioritise your health and well-being whilst working from home.

Here are five ways to balance your work and your wellbeing:


Get into a routine, and schedule regular breaks.

Keeping to roughly the same bed and meal times will help to regulate your digestion, and in turn your energy levels. It can also assist with your sleep function.


Set up an ergonomic work space.

Your computer should be at eye-level, and your desk chair should support your back. Don’t skimp on your work space.


Stay hydrated.

Invest in a good quality water filter, and keep topping up your water glass throughout the day. This will help your mental agility, ability to detox and your digestive system.


Get outside!

On rainy days especially it can be tempting to stay indoors, but getting outside will refresh your perspective, boost your Vitamin D and provide a welcome dose of fresh air.


Close down your work day/week.

It’s important to be firm about your rest time. Be clear with your boundaries so that when you are at work you feel energised. And when you’re resting you can be present.