Hello Autumn

Aren’t you just LOVING the changing colours of the leaves all around you? Those feelings of crisp days and cosy nights by the fire or snuggled up under some cosy blankets with a good book. 

We are so blessed to have our clinic nestled into the South Downs, an area of exceptional beauty. Everyday our drive to work is winding country lanes, little brooks, fields with deer and sheep, pheasants are our traffic jams, they are everywhere, just the perfect way to start each day! 

How do you start your days? Do you commit to loving yourself enough to have a teeny bit of ‘me time’, ideally in nature or at least solitude before you start your busy day? It’s my promise to you that your day will go better if you offer up this little moment of loving yourself and feeling gratitude at the abundance of nature at the start of each day. Try it and tell me how it goes!

This month…

This month my goal has been to spend my limited free time feeding my brain with all the great things that are happening in this world. In times such as these it is easy to forget that the world is a beautiful place, that there are many good humans doing amazing things to ensure that future generations live in harmony with mother nature and sustain the essential balance that we have sadly thrown off in the last 100 years.

So here are some businesses, entrepreneurs, documentaries and speeches that inspire us to live more ethically, more consciously and that give us hope for a positive future.

I couldn’t talk about documentaries without referencing Sir David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet. While devastating and heartbreaking to watch and understand the extent to how we humans have decimated our natural environment and how serious the consequences are, even at 94 Sir David is full of hope and optimism for our future. He says it is his living witness statement to the world, showing how in just one single lifetime the earth’s changes have been on a grotesque scale. A must watch for everyone in your family, no act towards saving our planet is too small and we must all act now.


Let’s start with Invivo, a company who is restoring human health and ecology while at the same time fulfilling their oath to the environment by being a B-Corp company, and by being the first clinical laboratory in the world to be carbon neutral, making every single decision with mother earth and sustainability at the forefront. They have inspired us to start exploring how we can also become a B-Corp company and they have kindly agreed to be our mentors in 2021 when we start the exciting process. Visit their website to learn about their history, their unique and top of the line range of tests (the ONLY stool tests we use in our clinic) and their expanding range of therapeutic products and of course do contact our team at the clinic if you have any questions!


Anyone who knows me, knows that Costa Rica is my family’s Garden of Eden so when we discovered that Zac Effron was doing a health and longevity documentary and Costa Rica was one of the countries on the list, well we were on it!  It’s a great little series touching on foods and tips from around the world on health and longevity. My take on the series is that it comes down to eating locally, eating seasonally, eating sensibly, being in touch with nature, minimising stress, being around family or community and doing exercise every single day! Come on peeps, this is easy stuff to implement in your lives daily, you’ve all got this! I’m sharing the Costa Rica link with you so you can see why we love it so much but I encourage you to watch the series!


A friend, knowing my passion for soil ecology and how that relates to our internal ecology and health, suggested I check out the documentary Kiss The Ground, narrated by the amazing and inspiring Woody Harrelson. I was blown away at the simplicity of what it would take to restructure our global farming practices to create regenerative farming and how other famous people are contributing to the world with their efforts to educate and inspire new ways to grow, produce and live for us to be a part of mother nature, not simply existing alongside it, destroying it in the process. I’ve watched it 3 times now with my family and it has certainly got us thinking how we as a family can make changes in our own little ways to build the relationship between humans and nature. Please watch the documentary on Netflix.


My last musing for this month is an oldie but a goodie!! One of my heroes is Carl Sagan. I could listen to his voice and pour over his books for hours on end and lose myself in time with him. Do you ever stop to contemplate the micro and the macro of this journey that you are on for 80-90 loops around our sun? Do you ever ponder at the insignificance of war and territories, hate and violence and why we do this to each other when we are all each other has got? This 4-minute speech by Carl deserves to be listened to and meditated on repeatedly, by all of us as a reminder that we are living out our days together on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam, a pale blue dot in the universe. Please share this with everyone you love and let’s remind the world that we are all in this together and this is all we’ve got.


Clinic updates…

Winter is coming and we are in the final stages of pulling together a super 1-month Remote Immunity Programme for those wanting to check their status and work with us for a month to improve it without having to leave home!

It will include:

a home visit with a registered phlebotomist for some blood work

3 Skype/zoom consultations with our clinical team at the beginning middle and end of your month

5-product supplement bundle

bespoke nutritional advice and recipes

a final home visit with our phlebotomist to compare your improvements and to set a 3-month plan in place for you!

The price for this comprehensive programme is £995 with a 5% discount if you quote ‘RemoteImmuneBoost’

We encourage our clients to boost their programmes further by using an Oura ring to track your daily data. We are delighted to offer 5% off your Oura ring if purchased for your Remote Immunity Programme. And the added benefit – you will then have your ring to track your data for life not just the length of your programmeRead about more benefits.

Would you like to know more? If you’d like to register your interest do reach out to us at reception@themaasclinic.com

In health and happiness!