Have you set your intentions for the next few months?

Hello, I hope that you have had a few moments recently to drink in the Vitamin D and to start the preparation for the shortening days and colder nights.

Have you set your intentions for the next few months? Have you visualized where you want to be and put things in place to make it happen?

We all know good health supports energy and vitality, so creating a new supplement regime to make up for the lack of light and the higher risk of flus and viruses is a great place to start.

Here are some of our favourite vitamins, minerals and herbs to support your immune system this Autumn.

  • Vitamin C – we advise taking 2000mg – 3000mg per day.
  • Zinc – sufficient Zinc levels turn your T cells – an essential part of your immune system – into ‘killer T cells’. In turn, these ‘killer T cells’ can destroy infected cells, including those infected with viruses.
  • Elderberry – an excellent anti-viral herb, try making your own elderberry cordial. Why not try our recipe.

Talking of Vitamin D, Cath and I headed out into the garden last weekend, to tidy up. In doing so we had time in the delicious sunshine and it felt GREAT to be ahead in our garden strategy for winter and next spring. Monty Don inspires us, who inspires you?

This month…

Maybe this month we should call it Obsessions! I’ve been totally inspired and locked in with our team to bring you our new digital offerings coming to you all later this year. From tech guys to our brand and web team to our inner crew in the clinic everyday, we’ve been obsessing on every detail.

I’ve been at the clinic treating a fair few clients a day for 27 years and alongside this, Cath and I have spent a good few of them trying to find the best way to get amazing health out to everyone, no matter where they live in the world.

In life there are only so many hours in a day for me to offer myself to clients so it’s always been; how could we get ‘me, my knowledge and expertise’ out to as many people as possible and empower them to manage and optimise their health daily from home.

Well thank you Covid-19, necessity is the mother of all invention and we used that time and those global lessons to cohesively create a new paradigm in digital health care on multiple platforms to teach and empower people everywhere to reclaim their health and immunity!

So thank you for accepting that my Likes, Loves, Learnings has turned into Obsessions this September and please do watch all of our social media and web platforms to be on top of all the exciting updates.

With love, light and tonnes of excitement!