5 essential things you need to know about your thyroid gland.

Your thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland which sits at the front of your neck just in front on your windpipe. It is responsible for a number of health and wellbeing issues in your body and we’ve outlined a few below.


Your thyroid is responsible for the overall amount and quality of energy you have.

Your thyroid gland is responsible for secreting the hormones T3 and T4  which determine the overall quality and amount of energy you have. Energy is the backbone of your day to day life, so it’s important to pay attention to it.

If you notice that you consistently have an excess of energy, or that you have too little energy, it may indicate a problem with your thyroid gland.


Issues with your thyroid gland can lead to problems with your weight.

Losing or gaining weight, without any logical explanation, is a key indicator of a problem with your thyroid gland.

Someone with an overactive thyroid will likely experience weight loss, without any attempt to lose weight on their part.

Someone with an under-active thyroid will experience the opposite effect, gaining weight even when they’re watching what they eat and exercising often.


An overactive thyroid can make you feel anxious.

An overactive thyroid occurs when a person’s thyroid hormones are too high. When this is the case, there is an excess of energy in a person’s body leading to too quick a rate of metabolism, and a surplus of energy which has nowhere to go.

When there is too much energy coursing through a person’s body, without an appropriate outlet, it can have a negative effective on their emotional wellbeing and can often present itself as anxiety.


An under-active thyroid can make you feel depressed.

If you have an under-active thyroid, it can be difficult to feel any sense of get-up-and-go. This is because you do not have the correct level of hormones present.

When you are low in energy even the smallest of tasks can feel like a tall order.

Unfortunately lethargy and a general lack of joy for life can lead to depression.

If you notice that you are constantly low, you are gaining weight and experiencing constipation, it may be an indication that you have an issue with your thyroid.


Your adrenal glands have a big impact on your thyroid.

It is often the case that a client suffering with a thyroid problem, is first and foremost suffering with an adrenal issue.

Integrative medicine is fundamentally investigative, and Laurens Maas will always look at a client’s adrenal health as a baseline indicator for their thyroid health.

The adrenal glands have a fundamental impact on the efficacy of the thyroid gland, and so it is always Laurens’ preference to first address any adrenal issues with a client, followed by the thyroid.

If you are curious to find out more about your thyroid, what it does and how The Maas Clinic can help you to address any thyroid issues you may be having, why not take a look at our introduction to thyroid health here.