Bespoke heart health

Cardio metabolic recovery 

A detailed and bespoke cardio metabolic programme, fantastic if you are experiencing hypo or hyper tension, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart challenges. If you want to take control of your current health issues without using long term prescription medications or perhaps if you are already on medications, your goal is to reduce your dependence on them, then this is the programme for you.

Included in this programme:

  • One 1-hour Discovery/health history consultation
  • Five comprehensive physiology and
    point-of-care lab assessments
  • Five comprehensive adrenal/hormone testing
    – Dutch Complete 
  • Five comprehensive DNA stool analysis
    – GI Ecologix
  • One Cardiogenetics panel 
  • Three bioresonance health screening sessions
  • Five 1-hour consultations with one of our experienced FM practitioners
  • Five 15-minute Infrared sessions

It is important to note that if our practitioners uncover any areas of concern, additional testing and consultations/treatments may be recommended and will be charged to you at the time. Prices will always be discussed with you.

This programme is further enhanced by 5 sessions of our unique restorative infrared, a huge vitality and energy booster and an essential part of every clients journey with us.

The programme starts with detailed health history questionnaires, full hormonal/adrenal and DNA gut tests, a comprehensive visit in our point-of-care lab for full physiology, blood panels, urine analysis and live blood analysis. 

Additionally on this programme we deep dive into your heart health using your genetics as a guide with a comprehensive Cardiogenetics panel.

This is followed with an initial consultation with one of our dedicated practitioners to build a successful action plan with you for the next 12 months. This full action plan will give you detailed information on which beneficial foods, lifestyle adaptions and supplement choices to follow for your first 3 months. 

Complete your session with a 15 minute infrared session to restore your mitochondria and boost your energy and vitality.

Also included in this programme are 3 bioresonance sessions to address your internal systems and heart health.

This is repeated at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and finally at 12 months. Your bespoke programme is adjusted and tweaked at each consultation to maximise the benefits every step of the way. 

At your final 12 month consultation with your dedicated practitioner you will assess your success, address any remaining concerns and build an action plan that you can take out into your life and apply with all of your achieved knowledge.