Boost your health

The Annual health MOT

This wonderful programme allows you to complete an annual spot check and receive simple guidance to move forward with confidence in your health for the next 365 days! This is the ideal fit if you are in good general health with no pre-existing chronic conditions. It’s easy, comprehensive and an affordable way to gain deeper insight into your health. Surely if your vehicle requires an annual MOT your wonderful body deserves one too!

Included in this programme:

  • One 1 hour Discovery/health history consultation
  • One comprehensive physiology and point-of-care lab assessment
  • One 1 hour consultation with one of our experienced FM practitioners
  • One 15 minute Infrared session

Add comprehensive food allergy screening, adrenal/hormone testing and DNA stool analysis for a detailed 365-day plan

It is important to note that if our practitioners uncover any areas of concern, additional testing and consultations/treatments may be recommended and will be charged to you at the time. Prices will always be discussed with you.

The programme starts with detailed health history questionnaires, a comprehensive visit in our point-of-care lab for full physiology, blood panels, urine analysis and live blood analysis.  

This is followed with an initial consultation with one of our dedicated practitioners to build a successful action plan with you for
the next 12 months.

This full action plan is complete with food suggestions, lifestyle adaptions, supplement choices and more to follow throughout your year. Complete your session with a 15-minute infrared session to restore your mitochondria and boost your energy and vitality.

Consider adding one or more of the following tests to truly enhance your health performance for the year:

  • Food sensitivity screening will help inform which foods are perfect for YOUR system to perform at it’s best. £300
  • Adrenal/hormonal analysis to receive a basic guide on how to maintain and sustain your adrenal stress and hormonal health throughout the year. £479
  • DNA stool analysis to receive a basic guide on how to maintain and sustain your gut and digestive health throughout the year. £517