Bump and beyond

Guidance and support every step of the way.

Creating and sustaining a life within us is a complex chain of events. Events that can sometimes dictate our families future. We all dream of having the perfect pregnancy but these days with life’s additional stressors it’s becoming more of a challenge to find and maintain balance. We can help. We’ll support you and give you tools to help you maintain a healthy balance each and every day.

Included in this programme:

  • Comprehensive online health history questionnaires
  • Extensive metabolic panel, lipid and HBA1C
  • Blood type test
  • 3 nutritional visits with our naturopath/nutritionist
  • Understanding how food affects mood and energy and foods that affect baby
  • Weening for mum and baby
  • Natural weight loss post partum – without affecting mum or baby
  • Sleep – achieving sleep in pregnancy and with baby – why it’s important for both of you

It’s a journey. We believe in getting your body ready for conception, through to full term and supporting mum and baby post partum.

Getting our bodies biochemically ready gives us the best chance of a healthy glowing pregnancy and minimal post partum symptoms including struggling to breastfeed, find time for rest and regulating schedules.

There is guidance and support for you every step of the way. Our naturopathic team will gladly support you whether you are planning, actually pregnant or struggling with the after effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

We are here to help, support and guide you for a great start and an even greater future.