Improve your health

How healthy are you? How healthy can you be?
Do you really know what’s good for you and what’s not?
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there?
We can help.

The Maas Clinic is here to discuss your needs and aspirations and work with you to see and feel the results you want.

Your programme for success will include:

  • Comprehensive online health history questionnaires
  • Full physiology, blood and urine analysis at the start and end of your 90-day programme
  • Blood type test
  • 5 nutritional visits with our naturopath/nutritionist
  • 90-day meal plan for blood sugar balance
  • Emotional support – recognising and working with them to achieve relaxation
  • Sleep – the significance of good sleep – achieving and maintaining it

Your inclusive programme cost: £850

Your programme.

  • We will gauge where you are at present
  • Then create you a bespoke programme
  • We will offer support and guidance on your journey
  • And get you to where you want to be

We start with comprehensive online health history questionnaires, full physiology, urine and blood tests as well as a blood type test if you don’t already know that.

Using your unique data, our naturopathic and nutrition team will create a bespoke 3-month plan that is exactly right for you.

Guidance, recommendations and support.

You will be guided on nutrition, best food choices, appropriate quantities and the most advantageous timings to eat them, as well as being taught all about macro and micronutrients and blood sugar balance.

Our team will support you throughout, look at how you are feeling and work with you to help integrate ‘me’ time in to daily life. We will illustrate the benefits of good sleep and how best to achieve and maintain it.

After 3 months you will do a full review – physiological, urine and blood tests and put in place a maintenance plan to support you for the next few months.

We are here to help, support and guide you to success, optimal health and improved wellbeing.