Introduction to our Clinic Programmes

The Maas Clinic has been a leader in the fields of Osteopathy, Functional and Integrated Medicine
with its unique and multi-modality approach for
over 25 years.

Do you have a specific goal in mind? Do you feel that you could benefit from some additional support and advice? Then our expert team are here to help.

Each programme detail has been curated by Dr Laurens Maas and combines his years of training and experience in fields ranging from Osteopathy to Cold laser therapy, Functional and Integrated Medicine, from Nutrition and Herbology to Chinese Medicine, from Bioresonance technology to Homeopathy.  

Dr Maas has extensive experience in the successful treatment of female and male hormonal issues, anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune conditions, gut health, complex gut conditions such as IBS / IBD and ulcerative colitis, parasites and bacteria, mycotoxins and skin conditions as well as the role that nutrigenomics plays in sustaining optimal health.

Our programmes vary in length depending on the level of care that is required to support you as well as the complexity of your presenting symptoms. Continual reviews and repeat testing allows us to individually tailor our treatment programmes specifically to you.

All of our programmes are supervised and supported by Dr Maas and include consultations at key stages throughout the programme to ensure consistent progress.

If you decide to book an initial consultation with us we will provide you with links to your booking details and a series of online health questionnaires. These questions are designed to gather a full picture of your health and lifestyle history to the present day and for you to highlight any areas of concern that you may have with you current health.

At The Maas Clinic we believe in a truly personalised approach to your health goals. 

If you have any questions or would like to talk in more detail about how we can create the very best solution to return you to optimal health, please speak to one of our team for further support and guidance. We welcome new clients to contact us at or on 01730 890 309.

Please note: Dr Maas is not a GP and does not prescribe any pharmaceutical medication.