Curing Type 2 Diabetes in 7 Steps

Curing Diabetes in 7 Steps, will empower you to understand the root cause of your Type 2 diabetes and help you work to reverse your symptoms and regain optimum health.


I was relieved to find a program that worked since many people in my family are diabetic. What is wonderful is that if you are confused about anything in the book, Lauren Maas is available for a skype consultation to anywhere in the world. Certainly worth the funds spent.
Candace Brathwaite

I found myself in this book. This is book for discovering what “type” you are… for me; it described exactly my problems and offered things I can change to resolve them. Such as what supplements really target the areas you are having problems with. I liked it.

The Maas Method is a genius solution for Type 2 diabetes. It is a comprehensive program that not only discusses the type of foods needed for healing, but also includes the total wellness of the person. Stress, toxins and hormonal imbalances must be addressed as well. Laurens Maas system covers all the bases needed for total health and recovery. This is a must read for all people struggling with blood sugar issues.
Running Deer

Book overview

If you are living with the daily struggle of Type 2 Diabetes, the worst feeling is that there is nothing that can be done to reverse it – now there is! By taking control of your condition and applying the concepts in this book, you will be able to stop your diabetes symptoms from taking hold and causing your body further damage.

Type 2 Diabetes is primarily driven by a high sugar diet and a lack of exercise. If left untreated it can contribute to additional complications:

  • Kidney damage
  • Eye damage
  • Loss of limb
  • Heart attack

Symptoms and signs of diabetes include:

  • Fatigue
  • Constant thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Sugar cravings
  • Weight gain
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Increased blood sugar levels

Recognizing these symptoms is the first step to taking control of your Type 2 Diabetes, and this easy-to-read book that will show you how you can scientifically take control of your diabetes in simple, but life changing ways. It will guide you through the causes and how to lessen them in seven easy steps. Each step should take roughly a week to read and digest; so within just seven weeks you should be on your way to taking control of your Type 2 Diabetes symptoms.

”I look forward to helping you live a happier and healthier life.”
Laurens Maas

Preventing Diabetes

Even if you don’t have type 2 diabetes, reading this book is important to help us all understand the factors that can cause Diabetes and therefore the the foods and actions that should be avoided.

Preventative action is better than restorative action, and following my advice you will feel happier, healthier and able to enjoy life knowing that you are acting in the right way to avoid the detrimental effects of Type 2 diabetes.