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Whether you’re struggling with the ongoing illness or
challenged by an undiagnosed issue, we’re here to help you…

Laurens Maas

B.Sc.Ost. G.Os.C. DI.Hom.I.MD

“I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to strive for, achieve and maintain optimal health. Our approach is 100% scientific however our application is 100% natural.

We look at lifestyle factors, previous life events, hormones and gut function in great detail to build a picture that informs the bespoke improvement programme we create for each client.”

How we’ve made a difference

Ellie, UK

“Being introduced to The Maas Clinic, Laurens and Carolin, has been a defining, life changing moment for me. I was on my knees with an unknown diagnosis of M.E for which there is no known ‘cure’ and I was at my wit’s end after 20 years of suffering. My health journey with you has been seismic, allowing me to realise that there is a way through and that I am getting better and stronger all the time; your amazing way of getting to the root of the issue is without doubt the way forward in medicine and health. My journey allowed me to realise that I was ill which for me has been profound. I am deeply thankful to you all for changing my course, being the Pilot I so needed to educate and help myself. You and your team have been wonderful to work with and to share this journey.”

Kshama, Trinidad

“Laurens, I made a major change as you suggested, which was not to take my cell to bed with me at night. I now fall asleep quickly, I sleep through the night most of the time and if I wake up I fall back asleep quickly as well. I used the cell to put me to sleep and to be there for me if I wake up at night and cannot sleep. But it was doing the opposite. It only took me a one or two nights to adjust to not having it. Also in Trinidad Doctors are not like how you and your team are, it can be a very rigid and formal process with them. This is different, new and nice. Thank you.”

Albert, Barbados

“My son was diagnosed within the autistic spectrum and was experiencing many challenges that over 15 specialists were consulted for. Laurens put him on a specialized program including diet and detoxification. We are totally indebted to Laurens for allowing us progressive direction after so many years of being lost.”

Eula, Barbados

“My husband was diagnosed with lead toxins and Parkinson’s which was progressing rapidly. Each monthly visit brought an improvement. To date the toxins and lead have been removed and the Parkinson’s is in remission or has reversed. I have my wonderful husband back. Thank you Laurens.”

Jon, UK

“Laurens, I feel like a completely different person than I did when I first saw you and couldn’t be happier that I put my faith in you. I know there’s still a little way to go but my energy levels are definitely changing for the better, my vertigo is rare and nowhere near as severe and even my body temperature is normalising. I’ve lost count of the amount of people I’ve recommended to see you.”

Joanna, UK

“Thank you sooooooooo much. Jan is finally sleeping through the night for the first time since he was born. Jan is calmer, now he spends more time outside than playing on the computer and he and his brother are riding bikes every day. He is happier. more positive and we are finally starting to feel how it is to be a “normal” family. It’s incredible, no “Thank you” will ever be enough.”

Bruce Shelton MD

“I highly recommend all who read this, whether they be a physician or a patient, to heed these words wisely and carefully. This book truly contains advice and wisdom that is kept from the average physician and patient, and worse, disdained by those who refuse to accept and understand it while in fact it contains the truths of the ages. If properly applied it can save the lives of physicians and patients alike.”

Stephanie Gilmore, 7 x World Surf Champion

 “Laurens has given true meaning to the term balance and he’s shone a light on the facts that prove just how powerful humans can be. I loved working with him and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Sharon, UK

“I just want to say a huge mahoosive THANK YOU to you for all that you do! I started the restricted diet immediately and I have been happy and optimistic ever since, I don’t know who this person is but it’s really really nice. I’m almost scared to say it, but the depression has gone. Thank you Laurens.”

Matis, UK

“First of all, I hope all is well and more people are learning and approaching your practice as well as your methodology towards general illnesses. The tests, evaluation as well the prescription of vitamins and metals have been very beneficial to me and my Father as well as my family in general in our search for answers to our different symptoms and experiences. I have a sense of clarity and balance. Thank you so very much.”

John, USA

“Laurens Maas’s program is fantastic! I have finally gotten to my ideal body weight and blood sugar levels, which seemed near impossible after years of trying. Laurens is clearly onto something of major importance.”

Bob, Barbados

“Very simply, Laurens Maas saved my life.”

Simon, Barbados

“I lost forty-two pounds in two and a half months. My past high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol are now at optimum ranges. My heart problems are gone and I am happier, fitter, and healthier. I have been given a second chance at life through my health and the knowledge I have gained. This man is a healer in the truest sense.”

Bob, Barbados

“If it had not been for Laurens I am not certain that I would be writing this today. My life and work would have suffered enormously due to illness and I have no idea where it would have ended. Health is the key.”

Juliet, Trinidad

“Mine is a 100% success story! I went to Laurens because I could not carry a pregnancy (4 miscarriages) to full term – now we have a beautiful healthy baby and so much more.”

Kelly Slater, 11 x World Surf Champion

“The information I received from The Maas Clinic set me on a firm footing to go out and win my 7th world title in 2005 and I have since gone on to win 4 more for a total of 11.”

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Empowering guides

Laurens is a Doctor of Integrated Medicine (USA), with over 25 years’ experience as a leader in the field of Functional and Integrated medicine. Here he brings you a number of comprehensive and empowering guides on crucial health topics.