Babies can encounter osteopathic needs from the moment they enter the world due to a number of factors including birth.

Our Women’s Health Osteopath Phoenix Maas specialises in treating babies and infants, as well as pregnant and postpartum women.

Below we share an introduction to osteopathy for babies.

Put yourself in a baby’s shoes…

You’ve just entered the world after nine months of cosiness, safety, feeding, pooping and peeing on auto-pilot . . . it’s a lot!

No matter how good or peaceful the birth, it takes some readjustment for a baby to get used to being in the world earth-side. They need to acclimatise.

Parents often seek osteopathic help for a general baby MOT. This allows an osteopath to check a baby over for any initial indications of tension, imbalance or other issues.

Common osteopathic issues for babies include:

  • neck tension
  • plagiocephaly (a flattening of the head)
  • latching and feeding problems
  • colic
  • earache
  • tongue tie
  • reflux

Does birth style have an impact on a baby’s need for osteopathic treatment?

Every birth style has its pros and its cons. Here at The Maas Clinic we are pro women doing what is right for them.

Giving birth, whichever route a woman goes down, is like running a marathon.

We can help with any osteopathic post-birth issues a baby may experience, no matter how they made their entrance into the world.

How does osteopathic treatment for a baby differ to adult treatment?

Treating a baby is much more straightforward than treating an adult. Babies are treated very gently with the least invasive treatments there are. Babies tend to respond well and quickly to treatment.

Treating a baby is about helping the motility and mobility of that baby. Whether it is the visceral motility for an issue like constipation, or for something physical like the loosening off of the neck.

Adults are more complicated because throughout their life they will have encountered things which can have a long-term impact, be that an injury, accident or chronic condition. Adults tend to take longer to treat and the treatment is more hands on.

A parting note on osteopathy for babies.

Osteopathy can set babies up with a great neurological and physical structure for their life ahead.

Curious to learn more? Reach out to our friendly team to explore treatment options with Phoenix.