Phoenix Maas

Phoenix Maas is the newest member of our clinic team. Having grown up watching her father – our founder and lead clinician Dr Laurens Maas – practice Osteopathy and Functional Medicine, she recognised the profound impact it can have on people’s lives. 

During her studies Phoenix came to understand about the interconnectedness of bodily systems, she found a deep appreciation for the unique aspects of women’s health, the transformative journey of pregnancy, and the incredible process of childhood development. The blend of witnessing her father’s impact on his clients health and her innate love of learning created a path where she is dedicated to empowering women, nurturing the journey of motherhood, and fostering the holistic well-being of young lives.

Specialisms include:

Women’s health

“Life, much like our health, thrives in the delicate equilibrium of balance. Just as our bodies seek harmony between movement and stillness, nourishment and indulgence, so does our journey through life find its vitality in the art of balancing our choices and actions.”

Phoenix Maas

“Phoenix was very gentle and patient with my baby. She knew how best to treat her and was always ready to help, explaining fully what she was doing and the reasons behind the treatment. She is calm, informative, friendly and confident in her subject. She has helped my baby so much. We wish her wonderful success for the future." S.E

“Phoenix supported me through both my up’s and down – I went from suffering with chronic debilitating migraines and neck pain and have now not had a migraine for 6 months! She is friendly and extremely passionate in her subject." K.M

“I saw Phoenix for the first time when I had an acute episode of neck pain – something of which I had suffered with for years on and off – over 4 treatments she worked miracles on my neck – I have more movement and mobility now than I had before and I know how to manage the pain if it gets bad." S.O

Academic and practical studies

M.Ost, Master of Osteopathy – European School of Osteopathy 2023

Functional Medicine Practitioner

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