Optimising your health
for life

Whether you’re struggling with the ongoing illness or
challenged by an undiagnosed issue, we not only treat your
symptoms but work with you, to uncover the root cause.

Here at The Maas Clinic, our aim is to provide you with all the clarification, information and support you
need to get the results you want, enabling you to create a life of optimal health performance and vitality.

Achieving optimal health and vitality

Teaching you to listen and understand your bodies’ unique needs, our bespoke programmes are tailored to perfectly suit you and you alone.

We will guide you through nutrition and lifestyle changes and give you vitamin and supplementation support to create better mind and body.

The balance of Science and Nature

We are recognised as leaders in the field of Functional and Integrated medicine, using pioneering digital technology to inform and direct your treatment and scientific testing to closely monitor and validate your progress every step of the way. With state-of-the-art digital feedback systems and FDA approved medical diagnostic tools, you can feel 100% confident, that the scientific and holistic support of the clinic will help you achieve, maintain and celebrate optimal health and vitality every day.

How it all began…

Laurens struggled with his own health for most of his young life. Suffering with migraines and gastric ailments as a child, he later went on to develop eczema, food allergies and eventually a nerve tumour in his finger. He became more and more disillusioned as these issues weren’t being addressed by conventional medicine and felt sure there must be a better way. And so the seed for The Maas Clinic was sown, as a result of Laurens’ determination to answer his own health challenges and find permanent and natural solutions.

The Maas Clinic was originally opened in Barbados in 1994 and at that time was primarily an osteopathic clinic. We were the first osteopathic clinic to open on the island and spent 3 years working with The Barbados Parliament and Ministry of Health, to have osteopathy registered as a paramedical profession and enabling our clients could get fair insurance recognition. He later sat on the Paramedical Council and represented complementary practitioners for the standardization of holistic health sciences and the safety of the general public.

30 years later we are still growing and
expanding what we offer our clients.

Our UK clinic, opened in 2014, is based in the stunning Hampshire countryside. Offering a broad range of the latest and most beneficial treatments, we create bespoke programmes to support a wide variety of issues and aspirations. We closely monitor your journey with regularly testing and analysis in our state of the art point-of-care laboratory.

We work with over 1400 clients and are as passionate as ever about the expertise and support we offer them. We are proud to have secured our place at the forefront of Functional and Integrated medicine and be recognised as an evolutionary leader in holistic and naturopathic therapy.