55 and thriving: how The Maas Clinic founder Laurens Maas maintains great health

 The Maas Clinic founder Laurens Maas celebrated his 55th Birthday this year. Upon learning of this fact, many clients and friends have asked: “What’s your secret Laurens? You look so young!”.

While the perception of looking young is flattering, it is Laurens’ energy, thirst for knowledge and passion for life which land him firmly in the youthful category.

We sat down with Laurens to quiz him on his secrets to maintaining great health into his 50s and beyond!

Laurens, you just turned 55. How do you feel within yourself at this age?

I feel great! For me, this (my health) is a long-term project. I started eating better and taking supplements when I was 14/15. Dr Peter Attia says “the longer that you live, the more health you practiced when you were younger”. It is my intention to live a very long, very healthy life.

You look very fit and healthy! What are some of the most impactful things you do to achieve such vitality?

At my age right now, food is #1, regular exercise is #2 and supplements is #3.

I regularly test my bloods every 3 – 6 months to see that everything’s in optimum range and make adjustments if needed.

Lifestyle-wise, I practice meditation and yoga, I do community bonding with my pets, drink purified water and connect with nature.

I also practice really good sleep. I’m regular about my sleep times, I’m always in bed by about 10.30 and that’s consistent on a weekend. I like my routines, I like the ability to get feedback on my Oura ring.

Incorporating lots of small health habits helps me to focus on my healthspan, not just my lifespan.

What does your daily routine look like? Which health and well-being practices feature?

6ish – wake up.

First thing, I come downstairs and make myself a cup of medicinal mushroom coffee. I like a brand called Antioxi. I feed my pets and then I take my first round of supplements.

For breakfast I follow my hunger cues. I have a protein shake and sometimes I’ll have a banana. If I’m hungry I’ll have a protein-loaded breakfast after my shake, of bacon, eggs, beans, avocado and chimichurri.

Following breakfast, I’ll work on client reports. Usually 3 – 4 per morning.

I then shower, practice yoga, meditation and stretch. This is my time to freshen up and mentally prepare for the day. When I get dressed I like to think of it as donning my ‘suit of armour’. I get into the headspace of work and check in with all of my children before heading out the door.

9ish – I arrive at work and have a half hour meeting with my team.

We chat about our days, drives into work…  it’s important to me that we build a rapport with one another. We are incredibly fortunate with the awesome team we have here at The Maas Clinic.

Then, it’s on to clients!

9.30 – 12.30 – clients.

During this time I am back to back with clients. I am fully focused on them.

12.30 – 1.30 – lunch time.

I come home for lunch most days. Usually I’ll have a hearty meal; shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, fish pie or sushi. I’ll have lots of salad greens and lamb’s lettuce with an olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing. Then it’s time for my next round of supplements.

I’ll play with my dogs in the garden before heading back to the clinic for the afternoon shift.

1.30 – 4.30 – clients.

4.30ish – home time.

I head home and make myself a cup of turmeric or dandelion tea. Both teas support detoxification.

At this point I either take after-hour calls at home or I go to the gym.

I alternate my gym days, typically going 3 – 4 x a week. Usually I’m in the gym for an hour between 5 – 6 and complete a gym workout followed by time in the sauna and swimming pool.

6.30/7 – dinner.

I take great care of my genetics, meaning that I’ve investigated my strengths and weaknesses using genetic testing. I know that I tend to have an appetite gene, so I sip on rhubarb or green tea in the evening before dinner so that I don’t overeat or get the munchies.

Dinner is a freshly-cooked meal by my wife Cath. At this point, I take my evening supplements.

7.30 – 9.30 – relaxation.

This is my time to unwind. Usually we’ll watch a good series on TV as a family. Currently we’re watching Earth with Chris Packham – it’s mind-blowing!

9.30/10 – wind-down and bedtime.

By 9.30 I’m starting to yawn. My aim is to be in bed and asleep by 10.30 every evening, which fits in with my chronological genetic type.

I wash the last of the dishes before I head to bed so that we have a clean kitchen in the morning, turn off the lights and head upstairs.

I take my bedtime supplements, which include 5HTP and Magnesium. Cath and I will share our daily gratitudes with one another. I allow myself to ‘let go’ of everything I wasn’t able to figure out today, knowing that I can tackle it again tomorrow.

I practice really good sleep hygiene: open windows, blackout curtains, an oxygen unit next to me, a humidifier circling the air, a HEPA filter creating purified air and then I track each night’s sleep on my Oura ring.

Since starting to use my Oura ring in 2019 I’ve consistently improved my sleep. I’ve gone from a 78% sleep success stat to 88%! Each year is improving.

10.30 – 6.30 consistent sleep, every night.

How has your approach to your health changed as you’ve progressed through your life? Have you made any big shifts in the last few years which you attribute to feeling as well as you do now?

Genetics has featured big time. I always knew that biochemistry and nutrition were key to creating a good health and wellness level; not just fighting diseases but experiencing great health.

With the advances in genetic testing and the accessibility to it, I know what my ageing genes and longevity genes are.

Now, I use lifestyle choices and supplements to ‘clean up’ my ageing genes. It’s an approach I use with all of my clients.

Generally speaking, how can people endeavour to age well, like you?!

Lifestyle: nutrition, exercise and sleep – get those pillars right and most other things will fall into place.

Supplements: generally speaking, Magnesium, Zinc, and Omega Oils.

Mental habits: box by box breathing, connecting with nature and hanging out with friends that make you laugh.

Thank you Laurens for giving us an insight into your healthspan tips and tricks!

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