Wow, how the last 2 years at Poppets Barn have flown by!

The Maas Clinic has been settled in the UK for nearly six years now. Previously Laurens had spent two years commuting between Barbados and the UK, spending a month at a time in each location. As you can imagine it was exhausting and as our client needs here in the UK was growing week on week, he made the decision to run our UK clinic full time.

Initially our clinic was based in a single room where we ran our consultations, lab testing, osteopathy, microscopy and BEST testing (bio energetic stress testing, also known as bioresonance.) As you can imagine, it was quite a squeeze! For a longtime we had wanted to open our own country clinic, a space that would enable us to broaden the scope of services and support we could offer our clients. By December 2017 we knew it was time to expand to that bigger space.

We had a clear vision of the calm, peaceful and welcoming environment we wanted to create for our clients and when we first saw Poppets Barn, just before Christmas, we realised it was simply the perfect fit. Not too big, not too small, it was just right.

Our vision was the easy part… we had a date in mind for the completion – of the building work, the clinic preparations and a week to make sure everything would run smoothly. That date was 4th April 2018.

Cath was the perfect person to design and manage the project from conception to completion. With her design background, breadth of understanding about the clinic needs and a passion to create the perfect environment for our clients, she was the force behind the move! She personally designed every aspect of the interior fit out, from the bespoke shelving to the reception desk and even the coat hooks! Every detail was considered and created using up cycled materials when and wherever possible. The colour palette was selected to create an oasis of calm and an escape for our clients, whilst also providing a fitting environment for our state of the art, in house point-of-care laboratory.

Cath says “It has not always been easy and of course there have been bumps all the way, but it has been a joyful and expansive experience for each one of us. Over the last 2 years we have become a cohesive and bonded family, with each of the team bringing something unique and valuable to the table. The one thing we all have in common… the very real desire to offer our clients the best clinic experience and the best health of their lives!”

With our amazing team now in place and our newly refreshed brand and website up and running, our goal is to breathe, appreciate how far we have come in the last 2 years and take a little time to build on our vision for the next 5 years. Want a little hint? How about a beautiful custom built clinic, where we will continue to integrate and facilitate our client’s needs and aspirations, offering the latest and greatest ways to maintain and optimise their health and wellbeing. This is just the beginning…

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

And now a few words from our wonderful team…

Cath our Clinical Director says: “Each one of our team members brings a light to work every day, no matter what’s happening ‘out there’, they come in and turn on the ‘ray of sunshine vibe’ for everyone. We appreciate they may have personal challenges and struggles but our clients only ever experience their efficiency, happiness and empathetic dispositions. This is a true skill when daily they are supporting people who are struggling with some chronic health issues and concerns.”

Carolin our Naturopathic Nutritionist & NLP / Health Coach says: “I feel so lucky to have been with the clinic for 2 years – it has been such an amazing time of growth and change for myself personally and professionally, it’s such a happy and supportive place to be. Both Cath and Laurens have, as is natural for them, encouraged and supported my continued search for knowledge and nurtured my confidence and ability as a practitioner. The clinic is a truly unique place to work and our team provide a real variety of knowledge and life experience that creates a wonderful multi-layered capability to support and provide solutions for each of our clients whatever health requirements they have. Working with our team and our 100’s of patients over this time has been such a unique experience.”

Laura, our Clinic Lab Technician says: “The clinic is an incredible place to be able to work. At the core is a team who are supportive to both each other and the clients, and each day I look forward to working together to help our incredible clients reach their health goals."

Alix, our Nutritional Therapist says: “What I have learnt from my short time at the clinic is the importance for all testing, because it takes the guesswork out of the diagnosis and informs the most appropriate treatment protocol for the patient!

Lucy, our Clinic Receptionist says: “Working at The Maas clinic is a great experience. I enjoy working in our small supportive team, it’s a great working environment. I can truly say I have learnt something new every day whether that be about Functional Medicine, Nutrition or life in general. Happy second birthday Poppets Barn, here’s to many more successful years!”

Megan, our Clinic Manager says: “I have worked for the Maas Clinic for the last year and have loved every moment! I started at a time when the clinic was expanding and a new team was put in place. This last year we have formed a close bond and put procedures in place to meet the demand of ever increasing clients. What I love most about working at the clinic is watching our lovely clients transform in every way, mind, body and spirit. This has made me reflect on my own health and inspired me to practice healthy living for me and my family. Poppets Barn is situated in an exceptionally picturesque part of West Sussex and I am so grateful to be able to work in such beautiful surroundings. I’m excited to be on this journey with The Maas Clinic… happy 2nd birthday to Poppets Barn!”

“We’ve created a clinic that clients really enjoy attending. We are proud to offer facilities that enable us to gather the precise natural and osteopathic information needed, to support our clients back to health and optimal wellness.

I couldn’t get the same results with my Osteopathic and Functional Medicine clients if I didn’t have the amazing team I do. And who knows, maybe sometime in the not to distant future, The Maas Clinic will call a purpose-built wellness clinic home; somewhere we can continue to offering amazing health, longevity and wellness to even more clients."

Laurens Maas