5 Osteopath-approved recommendations for pregnant women.

Prior to meeting your bundle of joy, it is important to take care of yourself throughout your pregnancy.

 Not only will this help you to enjoy the months you’re carrying your baby, it can also set you up for a good postpartum chapter. 

1. Strengthen your pelvic floor

For women, pelvic floor muscles support the bowel, bladder, uterus and vagina.

During pregnancy and labor these tiny muscles are stretched and put under significant pressure. Strengthening them can help with pelvic girdle pain, as well as labor and postpartum recovery.

Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles can be done throughout pregnancy.

Some women like to use an app to remind them to practice their pelvic floor exercises. The Squeezy App is popular and will remind you 3 x a day to practice.

Pelvic floor practice can happen anywhere and at at any time of day. It simply requires a contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles.

2. Practice vagal breathing

The vagus nerve is the primary parasympathetic nerve. Engaging with the vagus nerve can help to lessen feelings of anxiety and stress throughout pregnancy, and help mums to prepare for labor.

To begin a vagal breathing practice:

  • breathe in for a count of 5 through the nose
  • hold for a count of 6
  • breathe out for a count of 7 through the mouth


Regular vagal breathing can help to tone the vagus nerve which can lead to a calmer feeling throughout pregnancy. It is also good practice for labor, as controlled breathing can help a mum to manage contractions and labor pain.

3. Focus on nutrition

There is no one formula for how a pregnant woman ‘should’ eat. Your body will naturally send you signals for the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs.

Be mindful that some food cues may relate to a vitamin or mineral need. For instance a craving for red meat may indicate low iron levels. A desire for dark chocolate could stem from a Magnesium deficiency.

Taking a high-quality pregnancy supplement will ensure that you’re receiving the majority of the vitamins and minerals needed during your pregnancy. Additionally, if you sense that you may need further help with your nutritional choices, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional.

4. Gentle movement

The body doesn’t like stagnancy. As best you can, try to stay mobile and moving throughout your pregnancy.

Walking and gentle movement can help to keep joints limber, your fitness levels up (key for birth!) and even assist with a common pregnancy complaint—constipation.

Movement is also good for your emotional wellbeing. For as long as you can, aim to walk daily and move gently throughout your pregnancy.

5. Reach out for help

Do not suffer in silence.

If you experience any type of pain, discomfort or challenge during pregnancy, reach out for help.

Osteopaths can help with muscular and skeletal issues and there are professionals who can help with every other type of pregnancy concern.

Are you currently pregnant, or know someone that is?

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