Optimal mitochondrial performance is an essential component in living a healthy, well-energised and vibrant life

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells. They are the structures responsible for creating energy within every cell in the body. That energy is called “adenosine triphosphate", commonly known as ATP.

We require ATP to complete every function within the body: detoxing, building new tissue, thinking, moving, walking, to reproduce… the list goes on.

Simply put, if there is no ATP, there is no life. We’re not able to energise our cells to do anything without it.⠀

Ways we can support your mitochondria

Some of the factors which can negatively impact  your mitochondria

As our founder and lead practitioner Dr Laurens Maas shares:

“It is vitally important that people look after their mitochondria and influence them for the better so that they can reproduce (the mitochondria) within our cells to give us lots of energy.”

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